About Fontana Land

Fontana is a membership only Business and Finance Society of Friends conceived at CIAPS with the aim of promoting and supporting graduates, professionals, and businesses.
Our primary objective is to help our individual members achieve their goals by combining forces of all members.
Our core areas of intervention include Finance, Real Estate, and Trade.
Many of our products and services are suggested and designed by our members.
At heart we are a Group Buying Organization and as such we pool the buying power of our members to help get the best possible prices and quality on products and services.


Fontana Membership

Fontana Membership is open to Professionals and Businesses. Members benefits include:
  • Flexible Loans available at low rates of interest which remain consistent even during times of economic turbulence
  • Savings and Investments opportunities
  • Access to Discounted Prices and Exclusive Offers of many goods and services
  • Access to a large Network of buyers and sellers for Trade.
  • Support for International Transactions